Photo Prints

  Photographs from “Pripyat in Panoramas” serie available as limited edition photo prints, directly from author without mediators for reasonable price. C-prints are big and detailed, archival quality. Printing machine is OCE Lightjet 500 XL and photo paper is Kodak Ultra Endura Matte, laboratory located in Vienna, Austria. Only 30 prints of each panorama will be produced! Each print of this edition will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. For detailed information, prices and to make order please contact author.
  It is very different feeling when you stand in front of big detailed photo print. Your eyes can cover only small part of it, and you may travel around from detail to detail. You see picture of real place but in illusory perspective, this is mind tricky. I was very inspired to make this project special and I’m processing each work very carefuly. No stitches are visible and different exposures blended manually. Landscape orientation prints has size up to 1,5-2 meters wide if printed 1:1 (without resizing) on 300dpi resolution. It is possible to make bigger prints. Paper size limit is 175 x 295 cm! You can have one of it on your wall.

Here you may see real print #1 of “Pripyat Ferris Wheel 1” square panorama. 92x 92 cm C-print mounted on dibond. Now this print is on exposure in Kyiv Chernobyl Museum. Story about this print is here.

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